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DVStreamLine systems are covered under a one (1) year parts and labor warranty. We reserve the right to replace/repair defective components with comparable replacements. Our warranty covers all components included with the system with the exception of specialized add-ins such as the Matrox VS4. These components often carry a stronger warranty and follow a different warranty path. Rest assured that DVStreamLine personnel will provide full guidance on repair or replacement of all components, including 3rd party add-ins sold by us.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are available to provide coverage beyond the initial first year. For systems under $5000, additional years are available at $250 per year. For systems over $5000, additional years are available for $300 per year. A total of three additional years may be purchased for any system.

Technical Support

All systems are covered for end-user support with lifetime tech support. DVStreamLine uses a combination of telephone (303) 309-0302, email, IM and Remote Assistance to help determine and resolve system issues.

Return for Repair

If a DVStreamLine technician determines a system cannot be repaired remotely, an RMA is issued. System should be well-packed (using the original shipping materials if available). If an internal part is identified as faulty, customer may opt to remove it with a DVStreamLine technician’s assistance. Packaging must include the RMA number. Customer will insure the return shipment for the approximate value of the component or system as based on the original invoice. Freight charges are covered by the customer on inbound shipments. DVStreamLine will cover standard return shipping.

Return for Refund

Sometimes a system does not suit the customer need. In such cases, a refund may be obtained by contacting a DVStreamLine representative and getting an RMA within 21 days of system purchase. System should be well-packed using the original shipping materials. A 10% restocking fee will be charged to cover configuration and processing. Freight charges are covered by the customer on inbound shipments.

Cross shipments

When replacements are needed in a time-critical manner, DVStreamLine may arrange a cross-shipment. Customer must provide a valid credit card#, which will only be charged if the defective component or system is not returned to the DVStreamLine facility.

Repairs for Non-covered Damage

DVStreamLine will not cover hardware failure due to customer installed hardware/software, overclocking, misuse or other preventable actions.

Disputes arising from this warranty policy will be settled under the rules and laws of the State of Colorado. No other implied or explicit warranties are granted.