Small where it counts

Smallest Form Factor
All your gear can go into a single Pelican hardshell case for grab and go production. The Mini is the same height as a 2U rackmount and approximately half as wide. It weighs in at 8lbs.

On-board GPU
Intel HD 630 graphics provide graphics horsepower for demanding live event production. Live switching software (Wirecast, vMix, etc) take advantage of the GPU to render overlays, titles and graphics.

Flexible I/O
Choose a video capture solution from Blackmagic, AJA or Magewell to create the ideal on-the-go event production system. Single, dual and quad ports are available with HDMI or SDI inputs. Inputs auto-sense dissimilar framerate and frame size without rendering. SDI ports can be bi-directional allowing live program output for cable, satellite or local distribution.

Robust Connectivity
Six USB 3.1 type A + 1x USB-C provide flexibility for audio mixing consoles, PTZ controllers, external storage and camera inputs. Dual RJ-45 adapters allow switched connections (eg 1 network for NDI sources locally, 1 for Internet). 802.11AC Wifi provides connectivity over the air when a hard line is not possible.

Live Production Software
Systems are configured to work closely with Telestream Wirecast (Studio or Pro), vMix (Basic HD, HD, 4K) and many other production tools like Streamstar, LiveStream and VidBlaster. Purchase a license from us or use one you already own.


Additional Software Compatibility
As with all DVStreamLine systems, the RIG Mini provides unique Return on Investment. Produce live events, then use the system for post-production. Use Premiere, Avid or other post software to create additional deliverables using media from the live production. Use Photoshop and Illustrator to create unique titles, lower thirds and scoreboards to give your productions individuality and professionalism. Even load Microsoft Office to use PowerPoint or Excel screens for presentation output.